How To Record On YouTube TV? Step By Step Guide

YouTube TV’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) feature allows you to record live TV broadcasts to watch later. Unlike traditional DVRs, YouTube TV offers unlimited storage space, meaning you can record as many shows as you like without worrying about running out of space.

These recordings are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device where you can log into your account. This flexibility is a game-changer in the world of digital streaming, offering a level of convenience that traditional cable services can’t match.

It also means that your favorite episodes and movies are always just a click away, no matter where you are. Here’s how to do it!

Setting Up Your YouTube TV for Recording

How to record on YouTube TV

Step 1: Sign In to Your Account

To start recording, you need to have an active YouTube TV subscription. Sign in to your account on your preferred device, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that even those who are not tech-savvy can easily navigate and utilize this feature.

Step 2: Navigate to the Live Guide

YouTube TV’s Live Guide is where you’ll find all the current and upcoming broadcasts. Here, you can browse through channels and see what’s airing now and in the future. This guide is your portal to the vast array of content available on the platform, from live sports to the latest TV shows and movies.

Step 3: Select a Program to Record

Once you find a show or event you want to record, simply click on it to bring up the program details. Look for the “+” icon or an option that says “Add to Library” – this is your gateway to recording the program.

With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your favorite content is saved and waiting for you whenever you’re ready to watch.

Managing Your Recordings

How to see my recordings on YouTube TV

To view your recorded content, navigate to the “Library” tab on YouTube TV. Here, you’ll find all your recordings organized neatly. You can browse through them or use the search function to quickly find a specific show.

The interface is designed for ease of use, making it simple to locate and enjoy your recorded programs.

As you explore your recordings, you might notice the diverse range of content available, from YouTube TV’s own offerings to popular shows and movies from services like Netflix and Peacock, each providing a distinct entertainment experience.

Organizing Your Library

YouTube TV automatically categorizes recordings, but you can also create custom folders or tags for better organization. This feature is especially useful if you have a large number of recordings.

It enables you to customize your viewing experience, creating a personal touch to your digital library.

Playback and Control Features

When you play a recorded show, you have several playback controls. These include pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, and skipping ads (if the show was recorded from a network that allows ad skipping).

These features give you complete control over your viewing experience, allowing you to watch your favorite shows on your own terms.

For those who are managing multiple streaming subscriptions, understanding how to cancel services like Apple TV Plus can be just as crucial for maintaining control over your entertainment choices.

Deleting Recordings

To keep your library organized, you might want to delete recordings you’ve already watched or no longer need. Simply find the program in your library and look for the “Remove from Library” option. This ensures that your library stays up-to-date and clutter-free, making it easier to find the content you truly want to watch.

Advanced Recording Features

How to Record Complete TV Show on YouTube TV

Recording Entire Series

If you’re a fan of a particular series, YouTube TV allows you to record all episodes, even future ones. Just search for the series, select it, and choose to add the entire series to your library.

YouTube TV will automatically record all aired episodes and upcoming ones, ensuring that you never miss out on any part of the story.

Managing Recording Preferences

The platform provides flexibility in managing how your shows are recorded. You can prioritize certain recordings, ensuring they are not overridden or deleted when new content is added. This feature is essential for keeping your favorite shows accessible and at the forefront of your library.

Recording Sports Events

For sports enthusiasts, YouTube TV’s recording feature is a game-changer. You can record entire sports seasons, individual games, or even follow specific teams.

YouTube TV also offers features like extended recording time to ensure you don’t miss any part of the game, even if it runs overtime. This means you can relive every moment of your favorite games at your convenience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

What to do when YouTube TV Does Not Record

1. Recording Not Starting

If a recording doesn’t start as expected, first ensure the program is set to record in your library. If it is, check your internet connection, as connectivity issues can affect recording. Sometimes, a simple restart of the app or device can also resolve this issue.

2. Missing Recordings

Sometimes, recordings may seem missing. This could be due to a glitch or an update in the service. Often, a simple refresh or restarting the app can bring back the missing recordings.

If the problem persists, contacting YouTube TV’s customer support can provide further assistance.

3. Playback Issues

If you encounter playback issues like freezing or skipping, check your internet speed and device compatibility. These issues are often related to poor internet connectivity or outdated hardware/software. Ensuring that your device and app are updated can also help mitigate these problems.

Tips for Maximizing Your Recording Experience

Use Personalized Libraries

If you share your account with family members, take advantage of personalized libraries. This way, each person can record and organize their shows without cluttering the main library.

This personalization ensures that everyone’s viewing preferences are respected and catered to, enhancing the overall family entertainment experience.

Keep an Eye on Data Usage

While YouTube TV’s cloud DVR has unlimited storage, remember that streaming recorded shows uses data. If you’re on a limited data plan, be mindful of your consumption, especially when streaming in high definition.

Regularly monitoring your data usage can help you avoid unexpected overages and maintain a seamless streaming experience.

Explore Genre-Specific Recording

YouTube TV’s interface allows you to explore and record shows by genre. Utilize this feature to discover and record new content that aligns with your interests, be it movies, documentaries, or lifestyle shows.

This can broaden your entertainment horizons and introduce you to shows you might not have otherwise discovered.


Can I set a recording for a show that hasn’t been scheduled yet?

Yes, you can set a recording for a show or series even if the specific episodes haven’t been scheduled yet. Simply add the show to your library, and YouTube TV will automatically record the episodes once they are scheduled and aired.

Is there a limit to the number of shows I can record at the same time?

No, there is no limit to the number of shows you can record simultaneously. YouTube TV allows you to record multiple programs at the same time without any restrictions.

How long are recorded shows available in my library?

Recorded shows are available in your YouTube TV library for 9 months. After this period, the recordings will expire and be automatically removed from your library.

Can I watch my recordings offline?

Currently, YouTube TV does not support offline viewing of recordings. You need an active internet connection to stream your recorded shows from the cloud.

Are there any recording restrictions for local or regional channels?

Some local or regional channels may have restrictions on recording due to licensing agreements. It’s best to check the specific channel’s policy on YouTube TV to understand any limitations.

Can I fast-forward through all the ads in my recorded shows?

The ability to fast-forward through ads in recorded shows depends on the network and the specific content. Some networks may not allow ad skipping in their shows, even in recorded content. However, many programs do allow you to skip ads in the recordings.


In conclusion, recording on YouTube TV is a straightforward and convenient process. With unlimited storage, the ability to record multiple shows simultaneously, and easy access from various devices, YouTube TV ensures you never miss your favorite programs.

Whether it’s setting up recordings for future shows, managing your library, or troubleshooting, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for all users. Embrace this feature to tailor your viewing experience to your lifestyle, ensuring you always stay connected to the content you love.

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