PoE Currency Farming Guide: Tips for Beginners on Wealth Harvesting

Path of Exile (PoE) stands out in the world of action RPGs for its complex and rewarding currency system. Unlike other games that rely on a single form of gold or cash, PoE features a variety of currency items, each with its own unique function. This guide is designed to help beginners navigate the intricacies of currency farming, providing essential tips for effective wealth accumulation.

Understanding Currency Types in the PoE

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Currency system is vast, with each item offering specific utilities. Understanding these items is crucial for efficient farming. Orbs of Alteration, Chaos Orbs, and Exalted Orbs are among the most commonly used currencies. Each serves a distinct purpose, from modifying items to facilitating trades with other players.

Importance of Currency in Gameplay

Currency in PoE is not just for trading. It plays a vital role in crafting and enhancing your gear. For example, Chromatic Orbs change the color of sockets on an item, while Jeweller’s Orbs alter the number of sockets. This functionality makes understanding and accumulating currency vital for progressing through the game and maximizing your character’s potential. For a comprehensive list of PoE currency items and their functions, you can find here a useful resource. This information can significantly aid in your understanding of the game’s economy and how to effectively utilize different types.

Effective Strategies for Currency Farming

Mapping: The Gateway to Riches

Mapping is a popular method for cash farming. Once you reach the endgame, you’ll gain access to maps that lead to various areas with high-level enemies. These maps, especially when modified for increased difficulty and rewards, can drop valuable currency items. It’s a balance of risk and reward; harder maps yield better loot.

Heist and Delve: Alternative Farming Methods

Aside from mapping, other activities like Heist and Delve offer unique ways to farm currency. Heists involve stealing artifacts and escaping undetected, while Delves take you into the Azurite Mine for treasure. Both require specific resources like Rogue’s Markers or Azurite to participate, but they can be highly lucrative in terms of cash drops.

Maximizing Efficiency in Farming

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Choosing the Right Gear and Build

Your success in farming is heavily influenced by your gear and build. Speed and area-of-effect (AoE) capabilities are vital. Builds that can quickly clear large groups of enemies or effectively run through maps are preferable. Investing in gear that increases item rarity and quantity also significantly boosts your farming efficiency.

Time Management and Farming Routes

Time is a critical factor in efficient farming. Maximizing your playtime means having a plan. Know the layout of the maps or areas you’re farming, and stick to routes that offer the most enemies and loot. Avoid unnecessary downtime and focus on activities that yield the highest returns for the time invested.

Balancing Risk vs. Reward in High-Level Maps

Evaluating Map Modifiers

In PoE, high-level maps come with modifiers that can significantly increase both the difficulty and the rewards. These modifiers can range from increasing enemy damage and health to affecting the environment, like areas with burning ground. Players must evaluate these modifiers carefully, balancing the increased risk against the potential for higher-quality drops. It’s essential to understand your build’s limits and choose map modifiers that challenge but don’t overwhelm you.

Crafting Maps for Optimal Returns

Crafting maps using currency items like Orbs of Alchemy or Chaos Orbs can significantly enhance their yield. It’s a strategic decision – investing in map crafting can lead to more valuable drops, including higher-tier maps and rare currency. The key is to craft maps in line with your capability to handle them, ensuring that the investment pays off in terms of both experience and loot.

Utilizing Masters for Enhanced Farming

Seeking Help from In-Game Masters

Masters are NPCs in PoE that offer unique missions and benefits. Engaging with masters like Zana or Niko can open up additional farming opportunities. Zana’s missions, for instance, provide access to modified maps, while Niko’s delve missions lead to rich mine veins. Utilizing these masters effectively can greatly enhance your farming strategy and acquisition.

Master Missions and Crafting

Some masters also assist in item crafting, which is a crucial aspect of PoE’s economy. For example, interacting with Einhar allows you to capture beasts that can be used in the Menagerie for crafting rare items. These crafted items can either be used to strengthen your character or traded for currency, adding another layer to your strategy.

Trading Strategies for Currency Maximization

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Understanding the PoE Trade Market

Trading with other players is a vital aspect of currency farming in PoE. The game has an active marketplace where players trade items and currency. Understanding market trends and the value of different currencies is crucial for effective trading. For instance, knowing when to trade your Exalted Orbs for a bulk of Chaos Orbs can significantly impact your wealth.

Efficient Trading Practices

Efficiency in trading involves more than just knowing market values; it’s also about how you conduct trades. Using third-party websites to list your items, setting up a shop in your hideout, and being responsive to trade requests can greatly enhance your trading experience. Efficient traders spend less time haggling and more time farming, maximizing their overall currency gain.

Advanced Farming Techniques

Utilizing League Mechanics

Each new PoE league introduces unique mechanics that can be leveraged for currency farming. Understanding and utilizing these mechanics – whether it’s delving into the Azurite Mine in Delve or participating in Rituals – can provide significant currency gains. Players should always try to stay informed about the current league’s mechanics and how they can be exploited for maximum profit.

Focused Farming in Specific Areas

Certain areas in PoE are known for being particularly lucrative. For instance, farming in the Blood Aqueducts can yield a high number of Humility cards, which can be traded for a valuable Tabula Rasa. Identifying and focusing on these specific areas can be a more effective strategy than broadly farming across multiple zones.


Currency farming in Path of Exile can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. By understanding the types of currency and their uses, employing effective farming strategies, and maximizing efficiency through the right gear and time management, beginners can successfully harvest wealth in the world of PoE. Remember, patience and persistence are key. Happy farming!

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