How to Easily Farm Gold in Old School RuneScape as a Beginner

Farm Gold in Old School RuneScape

Welcome to the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a classic MMORPG where gold farming is an essential skill for every player, especially beginners. This blog post guides you through effective strategies to farm gold in OSRS, ensuring that you, as a beginner, can efficiently gather resources and advance in the game. We’ll explore various methods, each tailored to different levels and styles of play.

Understanding the Basics

Gold, the primary currency in Old School RuneScape, is crucial for progressing in the game. It allows you to buy gear, supplies, and various items essential for quests and skill development. As a beginner, having a steady gold income can significantly ease your journey, helping you level up faster and enjoy the game more.

First Steps in Gold Farming


For new players, starting to farm gold, or OSRS GP, in Old School RuneScape can seem daunting. The key is to begin with simple, low-requirement methods. Focus on tasks that don’t need high skill levels but still offer reasonable returns in terms of OSRS GP.

This approach will help you build a financial foundation. Additionally, platforms like PlayerAuctions can be a useful resource for understanding the value of OSRS GP in the game’s economy. By starting with these basic methods and leveraging insights from sources like PlayerAuctions, you can steadily pursue more lucrative opportunities as you progress in the game.

Low-Level Gold Farming Methods

Gathering and Selling Raw Materials

One of the easiest ways to earn gold at a low level is by gathering and selling raw materials. Activities like fishing, woodcutting, and mining provide resources that are always in demand. For instance, catching lobsters or chopping oak logs can be profitable and require minimal skill levels.

Taking Advantage of Combat

Taking Advantage of Combat

Combat is another method to earn gold. Defeating low-level monsters like cows or chickens can yield valuable drops like cowhides or feathers. These items are highly sought after in the market and can be sold for a good price. This method also helps in leveling up your combat skills.

Mid-Level Gold Farming Strategies

Skilling for Profit

As you advance, skilling becomes a more viable method for farming gold. Skills like fishing, mining, and woodcutting can now access more valuable resources. For example, mining iron ore or fishing for swordfish can significantly increase your gold per hour. Skilling not only earns you gold but also improves your levels, unlocking even more profitable opportunities.

Engaging in Merchanting

Merchanting, or buying items low and selling high, is an excellent way for mid-level players to make gold. It requires an understanding of the game’s economy and market trends. You can start by flipping items in the Grand Exchange, buying them for less, and selling them for a profit. This method can be highly rewarding but requires some initial gold investment and market research.

Advanced Techniques

OSRS Advanced Techniques

High-Level Skilling

At higher levels, your skills unlock more profitable resources. For instance, fishing sharks or cutting magic logs can earn you substantial amounts of gold. These methods require higher skill levels but offer much better returns, making them worth the effort.

Bossing and High-Level PvM

For players with high combat levels, bossing and high-level PvM (Player vs Monster) activities are among the most lucrative methods. Defeating bosses like Zulrah or Vorkath can yield valuable drops worth millions of gold. This method requires good gear and a deep understanding of combat mechanics but is incredibly rewarding.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

Balancing Skilling and Combat

A balanced approach involves alternating between skilling and combat-based methods. This strategy not only keeps the gameplay interesting but also ensures a steady flow from various sources. It’s essential to find a balance that suits your playstyle and goals.

Exploring Other Opportunities

Exploring Other Opportunities

Old School RuneScape is a vast game with numerous opportunities. Keep an eye out for seasonal events, unique quests, or new updates that might offer temporary but profitable methods. Being adaptable and exploring these opportunities can give you an edge in accumulating wealth.

Utilizing Quests

The Importance of Questing for Beginners

Quests are a vital part of the OSRS experience, offering not just entertainment but also valuable rewards. For beginners, completing quests can provide gold, items, and experience points, which are essential for early game progress. Some quests are specifically designed to be accessible for new players and can serve as an excellent source of initial capital and resources.

Selecting Profitable Quests

When choosing quests, focus on those that require minimal resources but offer substantial rewards. Quests like “The Knight’s Sword” or “Witch’s Potion” are excellent examples, as they require low skill levels but provide significant rewards. Completing these quests can give you a boost in both skills and gold, setting you up for more advanced farming methods.

Mastering the Grand Exchange for Maximum Profit

OSRS Mastering the Grand Exchange for Maximum Profit

Understanding Market Dynamics

The Grand Exchange is the central marketplace in OSRS, where players buy and sell items. Understanding its dynamics is crucial for maximizing your gold. Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, so learning to anticipate these changes can lead to profitable transactions. Keep an eye on market trends, and popular items, and update logs, as they can significantly influence prices.

Effective Buying and Selling Strategies

Develop strategies for buying low and selling high. This might involve bulk buying items that are in low demand and selling them when their demand increases. Pay attention to seasonal changes or upcoming updates that might affect certain item prices. Effective use of the Grand Exchange requires patience and a bit of speculation, but it can be highly rewarding.


In conclusion, farming gold in Old School RuneScape as a beginner requires patience, strategy, and a willingness to explore various methods. Whether it’s through gathering raw materials, engaging in combat, skilling, merchanting, or bossing, there are numerous ways to accumulate wealth in the game. Remember, the key is to start simple, gradually build your skills, and diversify your methods. With these strategies, you’ll find yourself amassing gold and enjoying your OSRS journey to the fullest.

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