Most Trending & Popular Android and iOS Apps in Australia 2024

In 2024, the digital landscape in Australia is more vibrant than ever, with a diverse range of Android and iOS apps at the forefront. This blog post will guide you through the most trending and popular apps, showcasing their significance in everyday life. Understanding and keeping up with these apps is crucial, as they offer innovative solutions, entertainment, and connectivity. From essential government services to the world of social media and beyond, these apps are reshaping how Australians interact with technology and each other. Let’s embark on this digital exploration!

Service Victoria


Service Victoria is an indispensable government service app for residents of Victoria, Australia. It simplifies interactions with state government services, making tasks like renewing licenses, booking vaccine appointments, and accessing health records a breeze. The app’s intuitive design and secure platform ensure a user-friendly experience, providing quick access to essential services. Its integration with various government departments demonstrates how technology can streamline bureaucratic processes, making it a vital tool for modern living in Victoria. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Service Victoria is your digital gateway to efficient government service management.

Service NSW

In New South Wales, Service NSW plays a similar vital role as its Victorian counterpart. It’s an essential app for residents to access state government services with ease. The only website that can parry it in this region is From renewing vehicle registrations to securing various permits and vouchers, Service NSW makes bureaucratic processes smoother and less time-consuming. The app also offers up-to-date information on public health guidelines and COVID-19 resources, proving indispensable during health emergencies. Its user-friendly interface and secure features make it a trusted companion for NSW residents, bridging the gap between the government and the public through technology.



TikTok, a global phenomenon and a favorite in Australia, is more than just a social media video platform; it’s a cultural powerhouse. Known for its short, engaging videos, TikTok has become a platform for creativity, entertainment, and social interaction. Users in Australia love it for its diverse content, ranging from comedy and music to educational and lifestyle videos. The app’s algorithm customizes content, making it highly addictive and relevant to each user. Its impact on trends, music, and even politics is undeniable, making TikTok a major player in the digital world and a key app for anyone wanting to stay connected with the current cultural zeitgeist.


This app serves as a digital identity, allowing users to securely log in to various Australian government online services. From filing taxes to accessing healthcare benefits, myGovID simplifies these processes, providing a convenient and secure way to manage government-related tasks. Its robust security features ensure the safety of personal information, while its ease of use makes it accessible to a wide range of users. The app is a testament to the Australian government’s commitment to digital innovation and user-centric service delivery.

Google Wallet


Google Wallet is transforming the way Australians handle their finances and personal documents. As a digital wallet, it allows users to make contactless payments, store loyalty cards, and even keep important documents like boarding passes and event tickets. Its convenience is unmatched, enabling fast and secure transactions at countless locations. The app’s robust security features, including biometric authentication, provide peace of mind. Google Wallet represents the future of personal finance management, combining convenience, security, and versatility in one user-friendly platform.

Express Plus Medicare

This is an essential app for managing healthcare services in Australia. It provides users with easy access to their Medicare information, allowing them to view and update their details, claim rebates, and manage appointments. The app simplifies healthcare management, making it more accessible and efficient for Australians. Its user-friendly interface and secure features ensure personal health information is handled safely. Express Plus Medicare exemplifies how technology can enhance the healthcare experience, making it more seamless and patient-centric.

Messenger by Meta


Messenger by Meta is a widely-used communication app in Australia, offering a range of messaging, voice, and video calling features. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and integration with the broader Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Australians use Messenger for everything from casual chats to business communications. The app’s regular updates introduce new features like custom reactions and chat themes, keeping the user experience fresh and engaging. Messenger’s widespread adoption demonstrates its effectiveness as a versatile communication tool in the digital age.


With its visually-focused platform, Instagram has a significant presence in Australia’s social media landscape. It’s a hub for sharing photos and videos, connecting users with friends, family, and brands. Instagram’s features like Stories, Reels, and IGTV cater to various content preferences, making it a versatile app for creative expression and discovery. The platform also plays a vital role in digital marketing and influencer culture, offering businesses and individuals a powerful tool for reaching audiences. Instagram’s continual evolution, including new filters and interactive features, keeps it at the forefront of social media trends.

WhatsApp Messenger


This messenger is a go-to app for text, voice, and video communication in Australia. Its cross-platform capability allows users to stay connected across different devices, making it an indispensable tool for personal and professional communication. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring conversations remain private and secure. The app’s features, such as group chats and file sharing, enhance its functionality, catering to a wide range of communication needs. Its popularity in Australia reflects its reliability and ease of use, making it a fundamental part of the digital communication landscape.


YouTube’s vast content library and user engagement features make it a favorite in Australia. As a platform for watching and sharing videos, it caters to diverse interests, from entertainment and education to DIY and fitness. YouTube’s algorithm personalizes content, keeping users engaged with relevant and interesting videos. The platform also offers opportunities for content creators to build audiences and monetize their work. Its community features, like comments and live streaming, foster interaction and engagement, making YouTube a dynamic and influential part of the digital media ecosystem.


The trending and popular apps in Australia for 2024 reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of the digital world. From government services like Service Victoria and Service NSW to social media giants like TikTok and Instagram, these apps are reshaping how Australians interact with technology. Apps like myGovID and Google Wallet demonstrate innovation in secure and convenient service delivery, while Messenger, WhatsApp, and YouTube highlight the importance of communication and entertainment in our digital lives. As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, exploring and trying out these apps can greatly enhance our mobile experience.

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