How Does Your Snap Score Go Up? 5 Ways To Increase It and Boost Your Snapchat Experience

Snap Score

Snapchat is a cool social media app with lots of fun features. One of them is the Snapscore, which shows how active and engaged you are on the app.

I love using Snapchat and I’ve noticed that a high Snapscore means you’re more connected to the awesome community, especially if you’re a brand trying to reach young people.

But don’t try to cheat your way to a higher score; that’s not cool and it can get you in trouble. Your Snapscore should be real and honest, just like you.

Some people have crazy high scores, like millions, while others have lower ones. I will share some tips that will help you increase yours.

Key Takeaways

  • Increase your Snapscore by regularly sending and receiving snaps.
  • Posting stories and interacting with Spotlight and Discover videos boosts engagement.
  • Adding new friends and engaging with their content raises your score.

1. Send and Receive Snaps Daily

receive snap

Engaging actively in the exchange of snaps with friends is a fundamental method for increasing your Snapscore. The core of Snapchat’s appeal lies in its snap-sharing feature, where users send short, often fun and creative photos or videos that disappear after being viewed.

The beauty of this feature is its encouragement of daily communication, keeping you consistently connected with your friends. This process is simple yet powerful. Every snap sent or received contributes to your score.

This continuous exchange fosters a dynamic environment, encouraging creativity and spontaneity. It’s not just about sending a generic image; it’s an opportunity to share moments of your day, express your mood, or showcase your creativity.

Whether it’s a quirky selfie, a beautiful sunset, or a funny incident, each snap sent is a brick in the bridge of your Snapchat relationships.

The Art of Snap Creation

Creating engaging snaps is an art. It’s not just about clicking and sending; it’s about making each snap count. Use filters, lenses, and text to add a unique touch to your snaps.

Experiment with different types of content to see what resonates with your friends. Remember, the goal is to maintain engagement, so be creative and authentic.

2. Maintain and Initiate Snapstreaks with Friends

snap with friends

Snapstreaks are a testament to your consistent interaction with friends on Snapchat. A Snapstreak starts when you and a friend send snaps to each other for consecutive days.

The number next to the flame emoji indicates the length of the streak. This feature adds a fun, competitive element to your daily interactions, turning regular exchanges into a game of consistency and dedication.

Maintaining Snapstreaks requires commitment. You have to send a snap to your friend, and they have to reply with a snap within 24 hours.

This ongoing exchange builds a rhythm of interaction, making your presence on Snapchat more consistent and boosting your score significantly over time.

The Strategy Behind Snapstreaks

To keep a streak going, it’s crucial to prioritize your most engaged friends. Identify those who are as committed as you are to maintaining the streak. You might even set reminders to send snaps daily to ensure the streak continues.

The longer the streak, the more it reflects your engagement level, adding a sense of achievement to your Snapchat experience.

3. Post Stories Regularly

post stories

Snapchat stories offer a platform to broadcast snaps to all your friends. Unlike sending individual snaps, stories are visible to your entire friend list for 24 hours.

Regularly updating your story not only keeps your profile active but also encourages friends to view and interact with your content, contributing to your Snapscore.

Creating stories is about sharing your day-to-day life, interests, and experiences. It’s a window for your friends into what you’re up to. Whether it’s a day out, a special event, or just random thoughts, stories are an excellent way to keep your friends engaged.

Plus, they provide a broader canvas for creativity, allowing you to string together multiple snaps for a more comprehensive narrative.

Craft Engaging Stories

To make your stories stand out, use Snapchat’s range of editing tools. Add filters, music, or text to make them more engaging.

Interactive stories that prompt responses or use the Poll or Question features can significantly increase engagement, encouraging viewers to interact directly with your content.

4. Watch and Interact with Discover and Spotlight Videos

discover snap chat

Discover and Spotlight sections in Snapchat are where you can view content from a wider range of creators, including brands and influencers. Engaging with this content not only provides entertainment but also contributes to your Snapscore.

By viewing and interacting with these videos, you’re participating in the broader Snapchat community beyond your immediate friend circle. Discover offers a mix of content from professional media partners, while Spotlight showcases user-generated content, often trending or viral videos.

These platforms provide insight into popular trends and can inspire your own snap creation.

Maximize Engagement in Discover and Spotlight

While watching videos, take the time to interact by sending reactions or sharing standout content with friends. This not only increases your score but also enhances your visibility on the platform.

Moreover, engaging with a variety of content can give you fresh ideas for your snaps and stories, keeping your content diverse and interesting.

5. Add New Friends and Interact with Their Content

add friends on snap

Adding new friends on Snapchat and interacting with their content is a surefire way to boost your Snapscore. When you add someone and start exchanging snaps, you open a new channel of interaction, which naturally contributes to an increase in your score.

Additionally, engaging with new friends’ stories or snaps exposes you to different perspectives and content, enriching your Snapchat experience. Interacting with new friends isn’t just about boosting numbers; it’s about expanding your social circle on the platform.

By viewing and responding to their stories, you’re showing interest in their life, which can lead to more meaningful interactions and potentially stronger connections.

Build a Diverse Snapchat Network

To find new friends, you can use Snapchat’s ‘Quick Add’ feature, which suggests users based on mutual connections. Engaging in community lenses or local Snapchat events can also connect you with other users.

Remember, the key is to interact genuinely; this fosters organic growth in your network and, subsequently, your Snapscore.


How do I hide my Snap score?

To hide your Snap score, you need to enable Ghost Mode, which prevents your friends from seeing your location and score on the Snap Map. You can turn on Ghost Mode by tapping the settings icon on the top right corner of the map and choosing the duration for it.

How many Snap points per video?

There is no definitive answer to how many Snap points you get per video, as Snapchat uses a secret formula to calculate your score. However, some factors that may influence your score are the number of videos you send and receive, the length of your Snapstreaks, and the frequency of your app usage.

How many snaps is 1 point?

Generally, you get 1 point for sending a snap and 1 point for opening a snap. However, this may not always be the case, as Snapchat may award you bonus points for certain actions, such as coming back to the app after a long time or subscribing to content creators.

What is ghost mode on Snapchat?

Ghost Mode is a privacy feature that allows you to hide your location and score from your friends on the Snap Map. When you enable Ghost Mode, your Bitmoji will have a blue Snapchat icon over its face, and you will disappear from the map for others. You can still see your friends’ locations and stories, unless they also have Ghost Mode on.

Last Words

These tips are full of helpful advice and ideas to help you boost your Snapscore and have more fun on Snapchat.

If you follow them, your score will go up and show how active and social you are on the app.

While this platform is mainly for entertainment, we also have to mention other fun social media that can serve for other purposes as well.

If you own a business, platforms like Facebook or TikTok can be perfect for promoting your brand.

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