Inside Interior

Among the most exciting activities of the Center in recent years were the visits to the University of Colorado at Boulder campus by nearly all of the living Secretaries of the Interior. The visiting Secretaries spent time with students, professors, and administrators and also submitted to careful questioning about their time in office. Cosponsored by The Nature Conservancy, these interviews constitute a unique historical archive, illuminating especially the relationship between the federal government and the American West. It is now the privilege of the Center, with the support of Headwaters News, to make available these records to scholars and the interested public.

You’ll find transcripts of these interviews below. For photos and more information about each visit, see the calendar of past events.

  • Don Hodel

    Don Hodel
    Served as Under Secretary then Secretary of the Interior (1985-1989) under President Ronald Reagan
    January 19, 2006

  • Gale Norton

    Gale Norton
    Served as Secretary for five years (2001-2006) under President George
    W. Bush
    November 23, 2004

  • Bruce Babbitt

    Bruce Babbitt
    Served as Secretary for eight years (1993-2000) under President Bill Clinton
    April 20, 2004

  • Manuel Lujan

    Manuel Lujan
    Served as Secretary for four years (1989-1993) under President George
    H. W. Bush
    March 17, 2004

  • James Watt

    James Watt
    Served as Secretary for three years (1981-1983) under President Ronald Reagan
    February 11, 2004

  • John C. Whitaker

    John C. Whitaker
    Served on the Nixon White House staff (1969-1972) and as Under Secretary of the Interior (1973-1975)
    November 19, 2003

  • Walter J. Hickel

    Walter J. Hickel
    Served for two years (1969-1970) under President Richard Nixon
    October 15, 2003

  • Stewart Lee Udall

    Stewart Lee Udall
    Served as Secretary for eight years (1961-1969) under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
    September 24, 2003