UPDATE: Colorado Public Radio aired an hour-long edited version of our event, Words to Stir the Soul and Reckon with Reality, on April 10 and April 11, 2011:

You can listen online at CPR’s website.

The Center of the American West was honored to host Words to Stir the Soul and Reckon with Reality: The Six Month Anniversary of the Fourmile Canyon Fire. The Fourmile Canyon Fire was a devastating event for the Boulder community, directly affecting residents in the mountains and in the city, firefighters, and decision makers. This important event featured members from these communities selected and read from works of literature that reflected on, wrestled with, or otherwise captured some dimension of their experiences of the fire.

Readers include:

Boulder County Commissioner, Will Toor
Boulder County Sheriff, Joe Pelle
Former Sports Illustrated Writer and Fourmile Resident, Doug Looney
Assistant Chief, Rocky Mountain Fire,
Don Whittemore
Firefighter and co-founder of Anchor Point Fire Management Consultants, Rodrigo Moraga
And more!

Patty Limerick’s article, “Fire Alarm: Historians, and Thorstein Veblen, to the Rescue”
(Forest History Today, Fall 2008)