Jan Kulmann

Jan Kulmann is currently serving as Mayor of Thornton, CO, the Vice Chair of the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council, and member of the North I-25 Coalition.  Professionally, Jan is a licensed professional engineer having received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University, along with a minor in music performance, and later an MBA from Colorado State University.  Jan has spent her working career in the utility and oil & gas industries in both Texas and Colorado. She spent several years designing infrastructure for local electric utilities in the fast-growing Houston metro area. She coordinated efforts with area builders and developers to safely increase the power supply for residents and businesses. This work has given her valuable experience and knowledge on the requirements necessary for fast growing communities, like Thornton.  After moving to Thornton in 2007, Jan brought her leadership skills and technical expertise in both process safety and environmental protection to the oil & gas industry. Jan manages and develops the people, processes and programs that are necessary to ensure operations are conducted safely and with strict environmental protections.


Title: Where the Need for Water in Communities and Businesses Meet – Growing municipalities need increased amounts of water for both domestic consumption and business sectors.  The City of Thornton, located along the Front Range near Denver, has experienced a growth rate over 1000% since its incorporation in 1956 and is now the sixth largest city in Colorado.  Thornton is committed to providing dependable and sustainable water resources for their customers, both now and into the future.  This presentation will provide an overview of water needs in a growing municipality with a thriving business sector and will focus on how those needs must be balanced to keep both successful.