Tracy Kosloff

Tracy Kosloff is Deputy State Engineer with the Colorado Division of Water Resources. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Engineering from UCLA.  She worked as a consulting engineer in the water supply planning field before joining the Colorado Division of Water Resources in 2010. Ms. Kosloff originally focused on water supply regulation in the South Platte River Basin and Colorado’s eastern plains but now holds a statewide role dealing with Well Permitting, Surface Water Use Approvals, State Legislation, Water Law, and whatever else is necessary.


Title: More Information About Water Diversions Faster Makes for Better Decisions – As part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, the Division of Water Resources (DWR) has the responsibility of maintaining water diversion records and instructing water users to shut off diversions when there is not enough water to go around. DWR is improving these functions by continuously adding remote sensing stations that provide real-time data, and making water data available through mapping, graphing and bulk-data download as tools to help decision makers. The data shows that 90 percent of water diversions in Colorado are used to supply irrigation and municipal uses, while industrial diversions, including those related to energy production, are less than 1 percent of diversions.