With distinguished careers in the Colorado State House and the Colorado State Senate, Dorothy Rupert and Norma Anderson set the bar high for dedicated public service, with more than thirty years of combined service in the legislature. When in office, they joined together to pursue solutions for a variety of challenges and problems facing the State. From programs to widen and sustain educational opportunity for Colorado’s children to the restoration of the State Capitol, they reliably transcended partisan differences to support good causes. In a conversation resting on the foundation of friendship, they will discuss issues on which they agreed and issues on which they disagreed, as well as the sometimes confounding changes in American political life since the era in which they held office.

This event is part of the Center’s “Bipartisanship (and Friendship) Happen!” series, bringing pairs of accomplished and dedicated public officials together to talk about their determination to extend the ties of shared enterprise and friendship across the divisions of recent times.