A public conversation with the accomplished Western landscape photographer Peter Goin, exploring his bravery and enterprise in taking on topics ranging from the West’s nuclear landscapes to the legacy of abandoned mines. Drawing on the long-running Goin/Limerick friendship (in essence, an alliance between a visual-arts innovator and a written-word dinosaur), this event will elicit congenial, and only slightly invidious, comparisons between the visual power of photographs and the constraints of words on the written page. eTown’s Nick Forster, a gifted, knowledgeable, and energetic interviewer, will serve as moderator. The conversation will explore the compatibility between the honest reckoning with loss and injury, and the forceful move toward redemption and reconciliation.


Presented by the Department of Art and Art History and the Center of the American West.


Peter Goin is an American photographer best known for his work within the altered landscape.

Patty Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of CU Boulder’s Center of the American West.


Nick Forster is eTown’s Executive Director, co-founder, executive co-producer, and co-host of eTown’s radio show.


The Visiting Artist and Scholar Program aims to reinforce the mission of the Art and Art History Department by inviting leading artists and scholars to present an array of artistic practices, historical discourse and divergent perspectives that can increase access to creativity and forge new territories between the arts and broader cultural movements.