Camille Paige
Camille Paige┬áis a researcher in the Sawyer Lab, an evolutionary virology lab, at the BioFrontiers Institute on the CU Boulder campus. She currently performs research and development on a project aimed at identifying biomarkers of infection early in the disease course. She grew up in Colorado and moved to Boulder during her undergraduate career. While at CU she enthusiastically participated in the Center’s certificate program while working on her degrees in MCDB and Neuroscience. She received a Thompson Award for her nonfiction essay and completed a Center internship with COGA in Denver. After graduation, she began working in the field of emergency medicine in Boulder and Commerce City during which time she grew her clinical skills, broadened her perspectives, and explored her capacity for empathetic care. Her goal is to be a life-long learner in whatever she pursues.

In her occasional moments of unscheduled time, she enjoys painting, horseback riding, and vigorously promoting Colorado gardening to any unsuspecting person that happens to ask her about plants.