Josh Boissevain

Josh Boissevain is an attorney practicing water law in Denver. Having grown up on a small farm on the Front Range, Josh reluctantly left the West to join the Peace Corps where he spent almost four years teaching English and journalism in Moldova. He took a small detour to work as a Prague-based journalist for a magazine covering the Post-Soviet Bloc for a few years before eventually heeding the call to come back to Colorado for good. Josh received his BS in News-Editorial Journalism from the University of Colorado-Boulder and is both a proud graduate of the Center of the American West’s certificate program and winner of the Thompson Writing Award for undergraduate nonfiction (2006). Most recently, Josh served as a law clerk in Colorado’s Division 1 water court. Both professionally and recreationally Josh tends to gravitate to Colorado’s lakes and streams; and he hopes to help ensure they will still be there—in all their splendor—for future generations.