Midge Korczak

Midge Korczak received her BA and MA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. After spending 10 years abroad working in education, she was hired as the​ first Executive Director of the ​Boulder County Bar Association.
Education was her major interest, instituting education opportunities in the press, the schools and on the radio. Upon retirement, she funded a class of Dreamers in the I Have a Dream program of Boulder County. Thirty-one Dreamers received support during their middle and high school years and scholarships to attend college. ​Her interest in higher education for minority students continued with the funding of scholarships at CU and Front Range Community College. She has served on numerous music, political, and educational boards, including the CU Foundation Board, the Elevations Credit Union Foundation Board, Democratic Women of Boulder County, and the Deans Advisory Board at CU. Presently her time is devoted to Boulder County Latina League and Boulder Housing Partners Foundation in addition to skiing, fly-fishing, camping, and learning to play the piano.