Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson originally hails from Portland, Oregon, however it wasn’t until moving to Colorado and completing coursework for the Center’s Western American Studies certificate that he came to appreciate what it means to be a citizen of the West. In addition to being a graduate of the Center’s certificate program, Jonathan has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from CU-Boulder as well as a certificate in Energy Policy and Economics from the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (a joint academic and research institute between CU and NREL).

After graduating from CU Jonathan worked for E Source, a spin-off of the Rocky Mountain Institute, as a Research Analyst where he provided expert analysis and research backed opinions to utility companies and related industry stakeholders on demand-side management strategy, electric rate design, wholesale power market dynamics, smart grid, federal and state regulatory policies, and analysis of coal and natural gas markets. He then worked for Franklin Energy Services implementing energy efficiency programs for Xcel Energy in Denver, Colorado.

Most recently, Jonathan has developed an interest in analytics computer programming and is combining this skill with his energy industry experience to create software that helps electric utilities accurately assess the costs and benefits associated with behind-the-meter distributed solar PV. He is passionate about using technology and advanced analytics to defragment data and demystify the facts around business problems and natural resource issues.