Pete Morton

Pete Morton, PhD is a consulting economist based in Boulder, Colorado who works with the Conservation Economics Institute – a non-profit think tank. For many years he was the Director of Economic Research at The Wilderness Society where in addition to research he supervised a team of economists. Dr. Morton has presented the results of his research in testimony before the United States Congress and in Federal Court.

Pete is widely published with papers covering varied subjects including managing federal timber sales under contract, the economic benefits of wilderness and recreation; natural amenity economic development patterns in the American West; timber demand on the Tongass National Forest, and the fiscal challenges associated with thinning trees in Colorado.

Since 2001 Pete’s research has focused on oil and gas development in the Rockies. His publication topics include the fragmentation of wildlife habitat from drilling; economically recoverable amounts of oil and gas in National Forest roadless areas; the role of risk assessment in federal decision-making; and developing the concept of phased energy development. In March 2014 Pete presented an overview of his current research at the Center of American West’s FrackingSENSE 2.0 lecture series.

Pete earned both his Masters of Forestry and a PhD in Natural Resource Economics from Colorado State University. Pete serves on the Advisory Board for PLAN-Boulder County. He has lived in Colorado for more than 25 years and is an avid skier and mountaineer.

(Photo credit: Jessica Morton)