A talent release form must be submitted for everyone who is an entrant, has a speaking role, was distinctly featured, was involved in the production, and/or has created music or other material for the video.

I have willingly participated in the Thompson Awards for Western American Writing contest as a producer, composer, actor, or other talent.

I agree that my image, likeness, voice, or name may be used in the video and understand and agree that the video may be displayed publicly by the contest sponsor, University of Colorado Boulder / Center of the American West if the video is selected for a prize.

I understand that my signature on this release constitutes my consent and permission for the video to be used with my talent contribution and that no further consent or permission will be required from me, and I will require no payment. Public display of the video includes displaying the video online.

If you have questions, contact the Center of the American West, University of Colorado Boulder at thompsonawards@centerwest.org

By typing my name in the field below, I agree that I am signing this certification electronically and that this electronic signature is the equivalent of my manual signature.

If participant is a minor (under 18), a parent/guardian signature will be required:
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