All-expense paid programs in Applied History with Patty Limerick

Become a leader in this exciting trend of expanding the opportunities to engage wider audiences in historical reflection!


In December of 2018, the Center of the American West was awarded an $800,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for an Applied History training program tying historical understanding to real-world solutions for modern problems.

Through a series of courses, projects, networking events and summer programs, graduate students, postdoctoral students and faculty will combine their historical knowledge with practical skills. Under the guidance of mentors, participants will craft responses to recurring issues in the West, including wildfires, natural resource management and the challenges and opportunities facing native peoples.

“Historical perspective proves to be a wonderful way to assess contemporary conflicts and dilemmas. Unleashed and empowered, young scholars who cultivate the skills of applied history could become a major force in enhancing the well-being of Western communities in the 21st century. Their energy and knowledge add up to one of the most valuable—and most underutilized—renewable resources of the American West today.” – Patty Limerick

The first part of this program, “Skills Repurposing” is an all-expense paid weekend workshop intensive in Applied History with Patty Limerick starting in the Fall of 2019. This workshop will train recent Ph.D. recipients, History postdocs, and adjunct faculty to become applied historians who can draw on the expertise of scholars from a range of disciplines to reach a wider audience.

The application period is now closed. Results will be announced soon.

Starting in the Fall of 2019 the Center will also host “Weekends with the Accomplished.”  These workshops for CU graduate students, as well as regional graduate students, will feature established scholars who are accomplished practitioners of Applied History.

Accepting applications now. Apply today!

And in the Summer of 2020, the Center will orchestrate a three-week, all-expense paid, “Summer Workshop,” that will take a deep dive into the “repurposing” of young historians’ skills. Participants will be recent Ph.D. recipients, and graduate students attending Colorado universities, colleges, and community colleges. Previous attendees of the “Skills Repurposing” weekend workshop intensive will have the opportunity to return to Boulder to act as mentors, while also giving presentations at the workshop, using their own adventures as parables and case studies of the potential of Applied History.

The application period for the “Summer Workshop” is open now until Feburary 28, 2020. Apply today!