Faculty Advisory Council

The Center of the American West is housed on the University of Colorado campus. The faculty here represents the cream of the crop when it comes to work on Western issues and we have recruited a number of them as faculty affiliates and faculty council members. As you can see, they reflect the interdisciplinary nature of our work. We feature professors from the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, the History Department, the Biology Department, the Law School, the Ethnic Studies Department, the Environmental Studies Department, and more. Take a look. We are proud of our associations.


Faculty Council

  • Bud Coleman

    Bud Coleman
    Department of
    Theatre and Dance

  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson
    Department of
    Religious Studies

  • Sarah Krakoff

    Sarah Krakoff
    Schaden Chair for Experiential Learning
    University of Colorado Law School

  • Patty Limerick

    Patty Limerick
    Faculty Director and Chair of the Board, Center of the
    American West
    Department of History

  • Daryl Maeda

    Daryl Maeda
    Department of
    Ethnic Studies

  • Karen Ramirez

    Karen Ramirez
    Assistant Director, MASP
    Co-Director, CU Dialogues Program
    University of Colorado, Boulder

  • JoAnn Silverstein

    JoAnn Silverstein
    Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

  • William Wei

    William Wei
    Department of History

  • Jan Whitt

    Jan Whitt
    School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Faculty Affiliates