• Bud Coleman

    Bud Coleman
    Department of
    Theatre and Dance

  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson
    Department of
    Religious Studies

  • Sarah Krakoff

    Sarah Krakoff
    Schaden Chair for Experiential Learning
    University of Colorado Law School

  • Patty Limerick

    Patty Limerick
    Faculty Director and Chair of the Board, Center of the
    American West
    Department of History

  • Daryl Maeda

    Daryl Maeda
    Department of
    Ethnic Studies

  • Karen Ramirez

    Karen Ramirez
    Assistant Director, MASP
    Co-Director, CU Dialogues Program
    University of Colorado, Boulder

  • JoAnn Silverstein

    JoAnn Silverstein
    Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

  • William Wei

    William Wei
    Department of History

  • Jan Whitt

    Jan Whitt
    School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Faculty Affiliates